As useful as this service can be right now it can be improved in so many ways. Here is a quick list of what we are working on. Feel free to leave your feature requests in the comments below.

  • Export results to PDF;
  • Display BrE and AmE transcriptions along each other;
  • Improving dictionary base;
  • Syncing Am and Br dictionaries;
  • Option to show syllables in the output;
  • Option to select character set;
  • Custom character sets;
  • Convert IPA to text;
  • Option to loop speech audio;
  • Improving linking rules for American transcriptions;
  • Improving word stress and phrasal stress to better reflect patterns of connected speech;
  • Sentence/phrase mark-up option.
  • Input form redesign;
  • Option to select speech voice;

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This is a great service that I introduced to my language students in Oman. As you will see in the logs we’ve been using it for quite a while.

Right now it is a reference tool mostly- and it would be really great to add a functionality which would turn it into a testing tool too -e.g. a teacher can introduce a bank of words, their students (after log in) get a random list of words with clickable transcription.

If api could me made available I would gladly contribute to working on this worthwhile project myself.


Freaking luv it! I’d like to help working on this tool. So feel free to contact me.


same as me- see the comment above


A quite useful tool. Save me tons of time when I prepared some materials for my students. Glad I tried to find a tool like this.
Display BrE and AmE transcriptions along each other will be nice. That’s actually what I originally wanted.
Keep up the good work!